3 infallible formulas to earn extra money, especially if you are young

For most people, the best way to save is to cut expenses. However, there is another equally effective formula: increase revenue . Earning extra money every month will help you save more. To achieve this, you don’t have to give yourself extra hours in your work or look for a second job. Simply propose and activate your ingenuity.

Many people think that getting that second source of income, let’s call it a side job , is very complicated. Nothing to do with reality. Below we will show you 3 infallible methods to earn extra money every month without too much effort, especially if you are young and have few family ties. How to earn extra money without too much effort

Rent your house

Rent your house

If your house is located in a good place where the rents are relatively high you can do the following: rent it and with the rent pay a cheaper rent in another area. For example, if you rent your house for 900 euros per month and rent another one for 500, your monthly “benefit” is 400 euros.

Another option is to rent it as a tourist apartment in portals such as Airbnb. In this case you can choose to rent the whole house or rooms. If you have two empty rooms and rent them at 150 euros per month each, for example, you will have an extra every month of 300 euros. Focused on tourism and renting for days the benefit would be much higher.

Rent your car

Rent your car

Many people have a car and just use it. Or use it but could opt for other cheaper and more sustainable alternatives such as public transport. Once we explained that the fault of your being poor is your car. What if you change your mind and rent it?

You can use collaborative platforms such as SocialCar or Amovens to rent your car and earn extra money. The average rental price per day is around 30 euros, so if you can rent it between one and two weeks a month you can earn between 300 and 400 euros.

The main fear of the owners is that they can cause damage to the vehicle. The solution is to take pictures of the car before renting it, especially from the interior. Thus, if there is any damage, the platforms themselves will charge the costs of the repair to the one who rented it.

Do errands for other people

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Most people are so busy and have so many things on their heads that they are willing to pay for free time. Why don’t you monetize that niche market? You can get extra money if you run errands for these busy people and charge for it.

Go to the supermarket for the purchase, pick up the children from school, take the dog for a walk … It will be difficult for you to get rich doing these things but you can get an extra income quite interesting. Tell your neighbors and let the word of mouth do the rest in your neighborhood.

And if you want to become a homework professional, you can use , an app that allows you to explore your city in search of geolocated tasks and perform specific jobs with which to generate income. They will make a transfer every time you accumulate 50 euros in your profile.


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